Modern Language Day Registration Form
Due March 22, 2019

Name of School:
Accompanying Teacher(s):
  E-mail: Phone:
  E-mail: Phone:
  E-mail: Phone:
Total number of students attending:
(Groups of 20+ students should be accompanied by more than one teacher)
Students must purchase tickets ($6.50 cash only) for the International Buffet upon arrival.
Please indicate how many students will participate in each competition:
  Chinese French  German Spanish
Poetry recitation:
Poetry slam:
Sell it! Impromptu Sales Pitch:
Global Quiz Bowl
Lip Sync:
Great Moments in History:
Short Story competition (Chinese):
Videotaped commercials:
Spelling Bee:

Please submit the registration to F. Eduardo Castilla O. at
Contact F. Eduardo Castilla O. at (816) 271-4317 or if you have any questions.